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Mule is Manchester’s only alternative and independent newspaper, only published online at present, but we want to go back into print. We currently relies entirely on grants, donations, fundraising events and a little ethical advertising.

While mainstream print media struggles to be profitable, we don’t want to make a profit. We just want to be here to stay.

Support us to keep doing what we do best by becoming a Friend of Mule, starting at £2 per month. We also accept one-off donations.

Mule is a volunteer, not-for-profit organisation run on a shoe-string budget. With your help, we can become less reliant on grant funding, ensuring our continued independence and bringing us closer to self-sufficiency as a workers’ co-operative.

Alternatives have never been so important.

At a time of government austerity and growing inequalities, a local paper that both holds power to account and gives grassroots action a voice is all the more important.

We’re more  than a local rag. By sharing the knowledge, skills and equipment we’ve accumulated over the years, we aim to be a resource for our readers.

All donations go to support our work.

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Mule Newspaper, 3rd Floor Milkroom, Hotspur House, 2 Gloucester Street, Manchester, M1 5QR

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to know more about how your money will be spent, or want to donate to a specific part of the project.