Art Review: Women Like You

Article published: Thursday, March 25th 2010

If Emmeline Pankhurst were alive today, I wonder if she would be able to believe that her portrait was hanging in Manchester Art Gallery. It was to our very own city art gallery that Emmeline and her fellow suffragettes went, to smash the glass covering the artworks (amusingly, and sensibly, with little toffee hammers so as to […]

Art Review: Ron Muek

Article published: Tuesday, March 2nd 2010

Manchester Art Gallery is playing host to the unnerving sculptural realism of Ron Muek, with a bite size exhibition of the Australian artist’s work. Three very differently scaled human sculptures are now on display in the Artist Rooms, all by the same artist and all boasting an incredible attention to realistic detail. They intentionally incite […]

Art Review: Greg Holland Photography

Article published: Sunday, February 28th 2010

The Art of Tea is a charmingly chic café-bar in East Didsbury becoming well known for its exhibitions. Until 16 May the walls will be graced with the photography of talented local artist Greg Holland.

Gaza’s children: Sarah Irving talks to Manchester artist Jane Lawson

Article published: Saturday, January 30th 2010

Following the attacks on Gaza by Israeli forces at the start of 2009, Manchester-based artist Jane Lawson responded to the images and stories of death and destruction by creating a series of unique prints of some of Gaza’s children. Capturing acute human suffering and injustice at the hands of oppression, the images will go on […]

Manchester-based artist wins 2009 Northern Art Prize

Article published: Wednesday, January 27th 2010

Pavel Büchler has been announced winner of the 2009 Northern Art Prize. The Prague-born artist, now based in Manchester, took the £16,500 prize for his installation “Eclipse”, currently on display at Leeds City Art Gallery alongside the work of the other nominees.

Last Chance Art: Angels of Anarchy

Article published: Wednesday, January 6th 2010

Queues will snake through Manchester Art Gallery this week as visitors take a last look at Angels of Anarchy, the impressive exhibition of works by women surrealists which closes on Sunday 10 January.

Literary City

Article published: Tuesday, October 13th 2009

The Manchester Literature Festival (MLF) 2009 promises to be an engaging celebration of words and wordsmiths, transcending lines of genre and form, language and linguistics, poetry and prose. The annual event has evolved from the Manchester Poetry Festival (est. 1994), a small but enthusiastic celebration of verse, to something of a cultural revolution in the […]