Review: Perverted Moves in the Dark at the Afflecks and Northern Quarter Music and Poetry Fest

Article published: Wednesday, October 29th 2014

Comedy sketch show Perverted Moves in the Dark is unafraid of offending and takes every opportunity to be as riotously sexual as possible. The show at the Three Minute Theatre at Affleck’s Palace, written by Sharon Heywood and Amir Rahimzadeh, is at its funniest when it introduces bizarre juxtapositions.

Theatre Review: The Young

Article published: Tuesday, July 23rd 2013

If you could live forever, would you? That is the central question posed by the 24:7 production The Young, written by Abi Hynes and showing at 2022NQ. The issues dealt with are (excuse the pun) age-old ones: what happens when we lose our youth, would you want to live forever and are youth and beauty one and the same?

Theatre review: Vienna

Article published: Wednesday, July 17th 2013

MULE reviews Vienna, a play by Nowt Part Of Festival’s artistic director, Mike Francis Carvalho.

Theatre review: Confessions Of A Waitress

Article published: Tuesday, July 16th 2013

The inaugural Nowt Part Of Festival took place from 8-14 July this year. Here, MULE reviews one of its productions.

Theatre review: The Machine

Article published: Monday, July 15th 2013

One of Manchester International Festival’s showcase productions is a dramatisation of the chess match between man and machine. Robert Pegg finds out the result of both the match and the performance.

Theatre review: The Old Woman

Article published: Sunday, July 7th 2013

The Old Woman previewed at the Palace Theatre last Tuesday. MULE went along to review it.

Theatre review: Hand Over Fist

Article published: Wednesday, July 3rd 2013

The 2013 Greater Manchester Fringe Festival launched this week and Hand Over Fist is one of the first productions of its month-long stretch.