Snail Porridge exhibition shows rarely seen art by prisoners

Article published: Thursday, July 24th 2014

A snail with blue and white striped shell makes its way towards distant gates on the horizon, under a cloud of psychedelic colours. Sean, an inmate of HM Prison Garth, has painted the standout piece Snail Porridge, of the recent eponymous exhibition at Castlefield Gallery.

Refugee Week fundraiser for music charity in Salford

Article published: Wednesday, June 18th 2014

For a fundraising gig on Friday, Salford charity Musicians Without Borders has teamed up with the local Amnesty International group to celebrate Refugee Week 2014. The organisation uses music to help communities affected by war, displacement and torture deal with trauma. Musicians Without Borders has been running projects all over the world for 15 years.

Documentary film festival in Salford remembers the miners’ strike

Article published: Saturday, May 10th 2014

The Working Class Movement Library (WCML) in Salford hosts a free mini film festival to mark the 30th anniversary of the miners’ strike. ‘Last Cage Down’ consists of three documentaries themed around the miners’ strike and runs from 12 to 14 May.

Interview: The Family Wolves

Article published: Saturday, October 26th 2013

The Family Wolves answer some of MULE’s questions ahead of the Friends of Mule fundraiser on 26 October

Interview: The Yossarians

Article published: Thursday, October 24th 2013

The Yossarians due to headline our Friends of Mule fundraiser gig on Saturday 26 October at Pop Up Bikes, but first they chatted to us about music as a tool for social change, European gigs and mortality.

Review: Black Star: Britain’s Asian Youth Movements

Article published: Monday, October 14th 2013

The launch of ‘Black Star: Britain’s Asian Youth Movements’ by the author Anandi Ramamurthy provided a candid insight into the important role that Asian Youth Movements (AYMs) played in the ongoing negotiation of concepts regarding race and the treatment of ethnic minority groups which still impact upon the way race is perceived in the UK today.

Typical Girls returns tonight at The Star and Garter

Article published: Friday, August 30th 2013

Manchester’s “feminist clubnight” Typical Girls is back for an evening of female fronted music this evening Friday 30 of August at The Star and Garter. All proceeds from the event go to Manchester Action on Street Health (MASH), a charity that supports the rights and welfare of Manchester based sex workers.