World Homeless Day – Manchester campaign groups meet in Cathedral Gardens

Article published: Saturday, October 10th 2015

World Homeless Day comes to Manchester. Mule talks to Lifeshare, Coffe4Craig and CAN about the crisis in the city.

Trojan Horse turns up at Tory Party Conference as three million say ‘No to TTIP’

Article published: Saturday, October 10th 2015

The national stop TTIP campaign and their giant Trojan Horse appeared in Manchester this week to protest against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), a trade deal currently being negotiated between the USA and the European Union. The international Stop TTIP petition also reached 3 million signatures this week, just one year after it was launched, making it the most successful petition of its kind.

They say Warfare, we say Welfare – Scrap the Trident Bloc Imagines all the people living life in peace

Article published: Wednesday, October 7th 2015

The symbolic and universal Peace sign was flown high and proud through the sniper-chaperoned streets of Manchester as hundreds of thousands of concerned UK citizens descended upon Oxford Road to oppose the Tory Party’s austerity measures. The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) bloc arrived with hundreds of supporters to send a clear message of defiance […]

Review: ‘Laugh Them Out of Town’ at The People’s Assembly Week of Action

Article published: Tuesday, October 6th 2015

A host of familiar faces took to the stage for The People’s Assembly’s special comedy gala at the Manchester Academy entitled ‘Laugh Them Out Of Town’ – with the aim of raising funds for their Week Of Action in response to the Tory Party Conference.

Tens of thousands march in Manchester: “just the beginning” of Tory Party Conference protests

Article published: Sunday, October 4th 2015

Today’s TUC and People’s Assembly Against Austerity demonstration saw an estimated 80,000 people march through the city centre to oppose the Tory Party Conference. A diverse mix of campaign groups, as well as unaffiliated protesters, gathered in Manchester today to send a message of opposition to the Tory Party

Anti-austerity choir kicks off week of action at the Tory Party Conference

Article published: Sunday, October 4th 2015

An all-female anti-austerity choir staged a flash mob performance at Piccadilly train station on Saturday, kicking off a week of demonstrations, discussions and creative dissent in Manchester. Emerging from a crowd of commuters and football fans, the group gave an attention-grabbing rendition of ‘Bread and Roses’ against a backdrop of anti-Tory banners.

Calais asylum seekers call for solidarity from the UK

Article published: Wednesday, September 30th 2015

Stand Up To Racism Manchester will be sending a delegation to Calais later this month to deliver aid and funds, and to demonstrate the city’s solidarity with asylum seekers.