Anti-austerity choir kicks off week of action at the Tory Party Conference

An all-female anti-austerity choir staged a flash mob performance at Piccadilly train station on Saturday, kicking off a week of demonstrations, discussions and creative dissent in Manchester. Emerging from a crowd of commuters and football fans, the group gave an attention-grabbing rendition of ‘Bread and Roses’ against a backdrop of anti-Tory banners.

Calais asylum seekers call for solidarity from the UK

Stand Up To Racism Manchester will be sending a delegation to Calais later this month to deliver aid and funds, and to demonstrate the city’s solidarity with asylum seekers.

Gerald Kaufman and Gorton councillor condemn Devo Manc

Gerald Kaufman denounces the Devo Manc deal at public meeting in Levenshulme. Gorton South Councillor Julie Reid warns of “privatisation by the back door” and warns of possible mergers between Greater Manchester Colleges.

Public support for the homeless mounts following eviction of The Ark

Teenagers gathered in St Anne’s Square on Sunday to campaign for the rights and dignity of the homeless, and to show support for recently evicted residents of The Ark homeless camp.

Devo Manc: regional devolution and inequality debate

Green party energy spokesperson Andrew Cooper spoke about the pitfalls of the Devo Manc deal, as it currently stands, to a large audience at the Friends Meeting House in Manchester.

Hundreds march to show solidarity with refugees

Around 400 demonstrators joined the national day of action to say “Refugees Welcome Here” in Piccadilly Gardens on Saturday.

“How dare they come to our city” – Tory party conference protest gearing up

Around 700 people heard impassioned speeches by actors Maxine Peake and Julie Hesmondhaigh alongside local and national activists on Tuesday, as part of a People’s Assembly meeting around the protest against the Tory Party conference from 4 to 7 October.

Warning of deepening crisis at Housing Conference protest

Protesters gathered outside Manchester Central conference centre yesterday to express their anger at the government’s housing policy. While Tory housing minister Brandon Lewis was delivering the keynote speech at the annual conference of the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH), campaigners warned of the ongoing disastrous impact of the bedroom tax and the deepening homelessness crisis.

Thousands turn out to anti-austerity protest

Around 2000 people attended a rally in Piccadilly Gardens in protest against the Conservative government and their programme of austerity yesterday. As the crowd gathered in the afternoon sun to express their opposition to another five years of cuts and privatisation, the atmosphere remained optimistic, with a range of speakers and singers leading the demonstration.

Students end occupation to join wider anti-austerity protest

The occupation of the University of Manchester’s Harold Hankins Building came to an end on Thursday after the students decided to leave. The protesters’ demands for free education and their fight against the marketisation of education resounded through the country in countless messages of solidarity.

Homeless camp in St. Ann’s Square after second move

The homeless camp has been in the city centre for over a month, protesting against the dramatic rise of homelessness in Manchester and Salford. After their eviction from St Peter’s Square on Tuesday, the protesters have set up camp in St. Ann’s Square.

Anti-TTIP flash mob stops Arndale shoppers in their tracks

Stunned shoppers at the Arndale Centre witnessed a flash mob by STOP TTIP Manchester to raise awareness of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the free trade deal currently being negotiated between the European Union and the United States.