Anti-cuts campaigners to lobby Wigan Council

Article published: Tuesday, February 15th 2011

Wigan Borough-based group People Against Cuts are to stage a lobby of Wigan Council’s cabinet meeting this Thursday 17 February. They are calling on all residents of the area opposed to the cuts imposed on the Council to join them and demonstrate their anger against the Coalition austerity policies.

A spokesperson for the group said of the cuts to public services made by the government: “…this effectively amounts to making ordinary folk pay for the cost of the bank bailouts rather than the banks and the Government’s wealthy big business and other super rich backers through progressive taxation.”

The anti-cuts group, whilst recognising the difficult position the Council are in, are calling on the Council’s leaders not to take any responsibility for the cut backs and to do more than verbally oppose the massive slashing of services.

They claim that the Council has ‘a whole number of measures within the law’ and is calling on the Labour leadership of the local authority to use these to add to opposition to the Coalition government.

For more information contact: Stephen Hall, People Against Cuts, 39 Spa Road, Atherton, Manchester M46 9NR

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