Lecturers union ballots for strike action

Article published: Friday, March 4th 2011

Members of the University and College Union (UCU), which represents lecturers and teaching staff in Higher Education, have voted in favour of strike action over jobs, pay and pensions.

Locally the University of Manchester (UoM) branch voted 70% in favour of striking on a turnout of around a third of members. 87% of members were also prepared for industrial action short of strikes.

Two-day strikes are now planned to take place from March 21 in the absence of renewed deals from employers.

Nationally sixty-three universities could be hit by strikes, with all of the prestigious Russell Group – of which UoM is a member – to be affected.

Members of UCU also voted for strike action over pay and job security, however with a narrow favorable vote of 53% the national leadership is still to decide on whether to resort to walk-outs.

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