RAPAR launch new youth forum

Article published: Wednesday, July 7th 2010

Manchester based human rights charity, Refugees and Asylum Seekers Participatory Action Research, (RAPAR) have set up a youth forum to provide a voice for the Somali community in Greater Manchester.

The initiative provides young people with a forum to discuss serious issues affecting the Somali community. During a residential conference held 4-6 June at Degmo Centre For Somali Heritage and Rural Culture, 14 members of the youth group addressed their main concerns shared in the community, with a decision to focus on areas surrounding youth, education and employment.

The group has pledged to work with all sectors of the Somali community, including a new women’s group and hopes to engage with wider Manchester communities by providing a credible forum for Somali representation.

Spokesperson Omer Shire, expressed his high hopes for the future, “Our generation is the future: it is up to us to act,” he said.

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