Refugee charity issues urgent appeal for warm clothes as winter strikes

Article published: Monday, January 21st 2013

As winter weather hits Manchester and snow covers the ground, a charity has issued an urgent call for warm hats, gloves, scarves and coats for destitute asylum seekers.

Photograph: Angela Schmeidel Randall

Photograph: Angela Schmeidel Randall

An estimated 2,000 asylum seekers in the city are left destitute as a result of being banned from working and a complex and bureaucratic benefits system. Greater Manchester Refugee Action has issued the appeal for winter clothes as temperatures in Manchester drop to freezing point.

Writing on the charity’s blog Deborah, a placement social work student, said “Last Wednesday, we set up a free ‘shop’ to distribute donations of clothing and toys, hoping to provide some extra warmth this winter.

“Many of the people at the drop-in that day urgently needed warmer clothes for them and their children, so we had a lot of interest.”

She added, “But on the other hand, many people asked us for hats and gloves and unfortunately we had none to give. We’ve been able to buy a few pairs using money raised by Refugee Action supporters, but it’s not enough.

“Warm coats are always needed too, but even secondhand they can be expensive. If you have any good quality, warm winter clothes that you don’t need – especially hats, scarves and gloves – please consider donating them.”

Spare clothes can be donated at Refugee Action’s regional office at 23-37 Edge Street, Manchester city centre, M4 1HW, open Monday to Friday.

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