Solidarity demos planned for European day of action against austerity

Article published: Tuesday, November 13th 2012

Activists are planning demonstrations tomorrow, Wednesday 14 November in solidarity with one day general strikes against austerity in Spain, Portugal and Greece as part of a European “day of action”.

Merkel, Cameron and Obama at the G8 in July 2010

Local trade unionists from Greater Manchester Trades Council will assemble at 12 noon at Piccadilly Gardens, while Occupy Manchester activists are to hold a vigil at 6.30pm outside the Cervantes Institute on Deansgate, near Spinningfields.

Several strikes and demonstrations are planned across the continent in countries including France, Italy, Slovenia and the Czech Republic in protest against government austerity measures backed by the “Troika” of the European Union, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank.

Poverty and unemployment have rocketed throughout Europe during the financial crisis and fears have been raised for the survival of democracy in several countries, with far right parties in countries such as Greece growing in strength.

A statement from Greater Manchester Trades Council said, “Across Europe, austerity policies employed by most governments are plunging economies into stagnation and recession. Most, if not all, are cutting back on healthcare, education, pensions, welfare and public services.

“George Osborne is talking of a further £10bn in cuts to be announced in his ‘Autumn Statement’ on 5 December. It is the same fight against austerity here as it is across Europe.”

Occupy Manchester activist Stefano Ba’ said, “We believe that economic and political elites are trying to make people pay for this crisis that also led to recession and unemployment. Their way forward is to squeeze wages and standard of living to allow capital bigger space of manoeuvre. This is not our solution: we do not want to pay for their crisis.”

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