‘Spooky Caravan’ nominated for a brace of music video awards

Article published: Sunday, October 14th 2012

Manchester filmmaker Joe Broady will today discover the result of the first of two nominations for his music video.

Dubbul O (right) in the video for ‘Spooky Caravan’

Today’s Screen Stockport event is the first award nomination and he will travel to London for the UK Music Video Awards in November to discover the how the video fares in their Best Urban Video – Budget category.

The song is entitled ‘Spooky Caravan’ and is collaboration between rapper Dubbul O and producer Kydro.

Dubbul O, who is a member of south Manchester hip hop group Mothership Connection and has performed with Sparkz and Mouse Outfit, is the focal point of the video, filmed at Antwerp Mansion, Rusholme. Additional themes include dramatisation of riot police and rioters, a manic looking man dressed in a bile-stained white cotton onesie, whose face is painted to ape Batman character The Joker, and the Mansion’s arcane décor of old broken television sets and ramshackle furnishings.

The nightmarish, dystopian imagery draws on the track’s sinister use of classical soundtrack samples and lyrical references to the extra-terrestrial and otherworldly.

Joe answered Ian Pennington’s questions before today’s Screen Stockport event.

MULE: How did the collaboration with Kydro & Dubbul O come about? Did you work well together?

Joe Broady: I have known Dubbul O for probably about three years now, we’re good friends and had talked a lot about working together on a promo. He sent me a couple of tracks and I was immediately drawn to ‘Spooky Caravan’. It was a bit dark and chaotic, and the lyrics were really surreal. The first time I met Kydro, who produced the track, was actually on the first day of shooting – he is one of the rioters who attacks the riot cop. We all had a great time shooting the video, and it all went surprisingly well.

MULE: What inspired the video?

JB: I keep notepads all over the place; I try to keep a record every time I have an idea or see something I like. It means that I have a bank of ideas when I’m writing or trying to come up with concepts for projects. There are also little nods to different films and music videos in ‘Spooky Caravan’. I also made a conscious effort to try and move away from a lot the other amateur UK hip hop videos that are floating about at the moment.

MULE: What was it like to shoot it? How long did it take?

JB: The shoot took three days, which was probably more than we needed. But I wanted the shoot to, as much as possible, encourage improvisation both technically and performance-wise, which is actually when we got some of the best footage.

MULE: Do you have anything similar planned for the future?

JB: I have some things floating about at the minute, I plan to start co-directing more promos and shorts in the near future with Kyle Whittington, who I’m creative partners with and who also worked as Director Of Photography on ‘Spooky Caravan’. We’re going down to the Screen Stockport Film Festival; we’ve been nominated in the music video category and then in early November it’s the UKMVAs where we have a nomination in the Best Urban Video – Budget category. So we’re really looking forward to those.

Screen Stockport takes place today, 14 October, at The Plaza. The UK Music Video Awards take place at the Empire in London’s Leicester Square on Thursday 8 November.

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