This Thursday: Riot from Wrong screening at Salford’s Black Lion

Article published: Wednesday, October 31st 2012

A DIY documentary created by 14 young people from inner London to express their experiences of last year’s riots will be screened this Thursday at Salford’s Black Lion pub as part of the Future Artists Film and Media festival.

Face off. One man gestures to several police officers

Face off. One man gestures to several police officers. Photograph: Kriss Massey

The film, Riot from Wrong, was made by people who felt united by frustration and the need to take positive action after the largest outburst the largest outburst of civil unrest in England’s recent history.

The Fully Focused Productions documentary draws from over 60 interviews across Manchester, London, Liverpool and Birmingham covering people’s experiences of the riots, which were sparked when the Metropolitan Police reportedly attacked a 16-year-old schoolgirl protesting against the killing of Mark Duggan.

Author of Kettled Youth Dan Hancox praised the film, saying “one thing I learned from Riot From Wrong is that 14 young people can get closer to the truth than 90 per cent of working journalists. Everyone in the UK who has ever expressed an opinion on the riots (namely everyone) needs to see this as soon as possible.”

And leading human rights lawyer Michael Mansfield QC said the film is “set to become an historic and definitive document”, adding that he considers it “a resource which should be viewed by all those who care about the restoration of an inclusive and effective democracy.”

Providing an alternate view of the unrest seen through the eyes of a generation faced with feral elites, expenses-claiming MPs, police harassment and an uncertain future, the film asks “what has led to so many young people taking to the streets to steal and cause mass damage?”

Richard Goulding

The film will be screened on Thursday 1 November at 7.30 at the Black Lion, Chapel Street, Salford. Entrance is free.

Future Artists Film and Media Festival launches on Tuesday 30 October. Click here for the full line up.

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