Typical Girls returns tonight at The Star and Garter

Article published: Friday, August 30th 2013

Manchester’s “feminist clubnight” Typical Girls is back for an evening of female fronted music this evening Friday 30 of August at The Star and Garter. All proceeds from the event go to Manchester Action on Street Health (MASH), a charity that supports the rights and welfare of Manchester based sex workers.

Typical Girls crop 2Alongside the bands, there will be an art stall and the chance to buy a range of feminist ‘zines, followed by a late disco. Doors open at 8pm.

Founded in reaction to “the lack of female-fronted music being played at Manchester clubnights”, Typical Girls say they aim to “challenge how society sometimes views women in music as ‘decoration’, ‘groupies’ or ‘coat hangers’”.

The night includes female fronted live music from Factory Acts and Bernard + Edith with later DJing and disco from Typical Girls and Judith K of Sheffield-based Discord.

Speaking to Mule, the organisers of Typical Girl said the non-profit clubnight also supports “local artists by setting up stalls for zine-makers and have a swap and sell zine table at each event.”

They added, “People should go because we believe in the power of female fronted music. We are inclusive and safe for people of all backgrounds, and we’re the only non for profit feminist clubnight that plays female fronted music for dancing in Manchester.”

All proceeds are donated to charity, and profits from the first event held by Typical Girls’ were donated Manchester Rape Crisis, a service run solely by women offering support for other women that have suffered sexual abuse.

Proceeds from tonight’s event will be donated to MASH, a charity which works with sex workers in Manchester with the aim of helping clients “keep safe and healthy and empower them to make real choices about their lives”. The MASH Centre provides a sexual health clinic, drug and alcohol support and also offers counselling and life-skills support.

According to MASH Fundraising and Marketing Co-ordinator Helen Clayton, the service offers support in a safe environment. “Female sex workers [are] often leading difficult and complex lives. MASH sees women with issues around drug addiction, destitution, sexual violence and domestic abuse”, she explained.

“The women can be very marginalised and isolated and in need of long-term support, but feel unable to go to their regular doctor or clinic, for fear of being judged.”

Run by a staff team of 12 and over 60 trained volunteers, MASH has won national recognition for good practice. The charity claims to have worked with 502 women in 2011/12, with 274 accessing services at their centre. Clients accessed a range of services including Hepatitis B tests, needle exchanges, first aid and self defence training, occupational therapy and support in prison.

Typical Girls said they chose to support MASH due to their focus “on women and women’s safety” through their work.

“Mash supports sex workers and offers a self help and health service which helps to break down stigma”, they explained. “This individual support surrounding sex workers is a principle we all personally agree with and we think they’re an amazing and essential charity.”

Eleanor Doward

Tickets for the event cost £3, with further donations welcome. You can find a link to the Typical Girls Facebook event page here If you want to find out more about MASH, see here for their website

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