Want to get involved?

Article published: Thursday, September 26th 2013

Manchester’s only alternative and independent newspaper, only published online at present, is looking for writers and editors. Write an email to editor@themule.info to find out more.

New Current Affairs Editors sought for Manchester Mule

Article published: Monday, March 18th 2013

Manchester Mule is seeking new volunteer editors to write, commission and edit articles for our regularly updated website. Click here for more info.

Blast from Hulme’s past

Article published: Sunday, February 17th 2013

We’ve come across two excellent videos of the Hulme Crescents recently, and would like to share them with you.

News digest 27 – 31 August

Article published: Monday, September 3rd 2012

Friends of Platt Fields warn the much-loved park is in desperate need of attention following a summer of rain, festivals and more rain, dozens of children may be left without new term places as pressure mounts on Primary Schools, and health clinics in some of the most deprived areas of the city are due to close from October.

Mule weekly digest 20 – 24 August

Article published: Tuesday, August 28th 2012

Expansion at Manchester Airport brings new questions for the environment, new business for Richard Branson, and fresh opportunities for the fire-sale of public assets. Danny Dyer gets ousted from Pride following public pressure, and teachers speak out against Michael Gove’s ‘grade-fixing’ scandal.

Mule weekly digest 16 – 20 July

Article published: Saturday, July 21st 2012

The census reveals a Manchester population surge over the last decade, Remploy workers take strike action against factory closures and Sir Richard Leese harks back to the Commonwealth Games (while trying to claim credit for the Olympics). Several investment plans were also rolled out this week – see if you can spot what they have in common…

Mule journalism training day this Saturday

Article published: Monday, June 11th 2012

We’re running one of our semi-regular training days on Saturday, see below for details on how to attend