New Current Affairs Editors sought for Manchester Mule

Article published: Monday, March 18th 2013

Manchester Mule is seeking new volunteer editors to write, commission and edit articles for our regularly updated website.

We cover a wide range of issues, but we pay particular attention to issues of corporate power in the city, gentrification and social inequalities, and accountability in local government and the police force, migrant justice, environmental sustainability, and new art and culture.

Previous experience is a bonus, but non-essential. The Mule editorial collective draws support from a range of experienced professional journalists, and can provide training and support for those new to journalism.

Ideally we are looking for individuals who:

  1. Have an interest in and enthusiasm for the political, economic and cultural goings on in Manchester.
  2. Have a desire to dig dirt and help people to tell their stories to the world.
  3. Like to work collaboratively as part of a team.

In the role of current affairs editor you will join a team dedicated to bringing independent coverage of news and culture to one of the UK’s major cities. The opportunities presented by this role include:

  • Building your CV and constructing a portfolio of written work
  • Training in writing, commissioning, researching and editing
  • Developing contacts and networks in the city
  • Contributing to independent local journalism for a publication with a national profile
  • Many previous volunteers have gone on to pursue careers as professional journalists using their experience with Mule as a base to pursue careers working with media organisations including the Financial Times, Radio 4, the New Internationalist and Ethical Consumer Magazine.

The role will involve the following core responsibilities:

  • Commissioning and editing current affairs stories from other writers
  • Publishing, as a guide, one article on the website per week – to be written by yourself or commissioned from other writers.
  • Attending a weekly editorial collective meeting to discuss content and direction and to monitor unfolding events in the city and North West region.
  • Attending, participating in and helping to organise workshops and writers’ training days
  • Applicants should send a CV, a 300 word statement of interest and, if possible, a sample of your writing to



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  1. Hi just joined this site a Detective sct Dixon number 9984 of bury cid told me approx a week ago that if a fraud is commited over 1 year ago then you will not be prosecuted and the cps will not take any action thease are not my words but his I didnt know that the police at bury could talk for the cps???

    Comment by james heenan on July 18, 2013 at 1:37 pm

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