Welcome to the all-new MULE culture section

Article published: Tuesday, March 27th 2012

Hello. Welcome to the new culture section of the Manchester MULE. We hope you enjoy it here.

The MULE is pleased to announce that its culture section has two new editors at its helm. They are Lucy Allan and Ian Pennington, two hip young upstarts with the world at their feet and Manchester’s cultural offerings perpetually buzzing in their eyes and ears.

That last part was an exaggeration, but they’re very excited about their new posts and want to do their best to bring you news, features and reviews on the arts in Manchester. Lucy will cover theatre, literature and art and Ian will concentrate on music, comedy and film.

Please get in touch with them if you have any ideas for interesting pieces, would like to be sent off to cover events or write articles for MULE Culture, or want to let us know about upcoming events. Our details are at the bottom of this page.

The ethos of MULE Culture will be to give a voice to local arts events or organisations that might not usually be recognised by the mainstream – or even other local – media. It’ll tend towards the untouched and sway towards the unseen, which could be (but is not limited to being) the unusual, fringe, progressive and challenging; the ambitious, independent, eclectic and underexposed.

We’ll aim to cover arts and culture as broadly as possible, from the smallest back rooms to larger festivals supportive of their local community via the arts, but will value the feedback and ideas from the Mule’s readers and contributors.

That is where the facebook page fits in. Click here to like the page. Not only will you receive updates on cultural happenings in Manchester from other MULE readers, but you have the opportunity and space to let both our writers and readers know about any cultural events you are involved with. That means that our contributors can keep an eye on what’s going on across the city cover events that might not be visibly promoted.

Contact Lucy at lucy.allan@manchestermule.com

Contact Ian at ian.pennington@manchestermule.com

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