Manchester Climate Monthly is back

Article published: Tuesday, January 10th 2012

After about a year of dormancy, which must have led certain officers and councillors at the Town Hall tentatively unclenching, Manchester Climate Monthly – formerly Manchester Climate Fortnightly (MCFly) – has returned to the rainy city, and the first issue is out now.

Edited and mostly written by Marc Hudson and Arwa Arburawa, Manchester Climate Monthly is once again providing all the frustrating, cynical and laboriously-researched local climate news you can handle, plus all the climate-goings-on to look out for in the city. Manchester Mule welcomes you back!

There’s plenty to get your teeth into in Issue 1, published last week. Check it out here.

They’ve got a Facebook page and a Twitter account too to keep up to date.

We’re still here by the way, and we’ve got plans and stories brewing…

Happy new year and hope you had a lovely Winterval and all. What’s that? You forgot to buy a Mule a present, well, why not give us a donation to keep the wolves at bay? Better late than never eh?

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