”We will build the movement of movements” – Campaigners meet at ‘Time to Act’ conference in Manchester

Article published: Sunday, October 11th 2015

As the Tories left town with egg on their face, a coalition of campaign groups hosted their own conference on Saturday called ‘Time to Act’ – a day of speeches and workshops covering a range of issues surrounding climate change.

Passing the buck on fuel poverty

Article published: Friday, February 10th 2012

Despite rising bills and cuts to winter aid, the UK has pledged to eradicate fuel poverty by 2016. But past government targets to protect vulnerable groups by 2010 have already been missed. And under the Coalition, new schemes are weakening protections and passing on responsibility for eradicating fuel poverty onto energy companies with little incentive to end the problem – and less interest. Sam Cordon reports.

Ribble residents fight back against fracking

Article published: Thursday, September 29th 2011

Last week’s announcement that over 200 trillion cubic feet of shale gas could have been discovered deep beneath Lancashire’s Flyde coast sparked giddy expectations of a “gold rush” in the Ribble estuary. But will the find make Blackpool the new Dallas, or is it hot air from an energy company trying to overwhelm opposition to the arrival of ‘fracking’ in the UK? Lisa Ansell reports.

A climate of exaggeration

Article published: Thursday, June 9th 2011

The leader of Manchester City Council was not present at the Town Hall for the first Executive meeting since the local elections which took place last Wednesday. A press release from the council excitedly explained that Sir Richard was away in Sao Paulo having been invited to the C40 climate summit. But what exactly does […]

Interview with Executive Member for the Environment Nigel Murphy

Article published: Wednesday, December 8th 2010

MULE caught up with Manchester City Council’s executive Member for the Environment Nigel Murphy at the first annual climate change stakeholder conference held at the Museum of Science and Industry on November 30.

Bye Bye Birley Fields

Article published: Wednesday, October 21st 2009

Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) is planning a new development on green space in Hulme. They label the construction the “greenest campus in the UK” and say plans will balance the needs of the local community, but Hulme residents have their doubts.

Call to Inaction

Article published: Tuesday, March 31st 2009

Last month the council unveiled its latest climate change paper, the Call to Action.