Confirmed: Kro 2 WILL be another Tesco

Article published: Monday, June 18th 2012

Rumours of plans to turn Oxford Road’s Kro 2 restaurant into a Tesco have been confirmed with the publishing of a licensing application on Manchester City Council’s website.

Solidarity demo held as six Kro 2 occupiers arrested

Article published: Monday, March 19th 2012

Dozens held a solidarity demonstration outside the disused Kro 2 restaurant earlier today following the arrest of six activists who occupied the site in protest against anti-squatting laws and what protestors call “the corporate takeover” of central Manchester.

Manchester suffering from highest rate of repossessions outside London

Article published: Wednesday, December 14th 2011

Research published this week by homeless charity Shelter suggests Manchester is suffering from the highest rate of repossessions in England outside of London, at a level nearly double the national average.

Unemployment up 13.5 per cent in Greater Manchester as jobs stay scarce

Article published: Thursday, December 8th 2011

Unemployment in Greater Manchester has risen by 13.5 per cent in the last year while the number of young people claiming Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) climbed to unprecedented levels seen during the recession, according to the latest figures from the Commission for the New Economy.

Greater Manchester income falls greater than national average, ONS figures reveal

Article published: Monday, November 28th 2011

Workers across Greater Manchester have had a real term wage cut of 5.5 per cent, worse than the UK average of 4.5 per cent, as wage increases have failed to keep pace with inflation.

Outrage as Manchester businesses roll out red carpet for Bahraini royal

Article published: Friday, October 14th 2011

Health workers, trade unionists and refugees staged a demonstration yesterday against the invitation of a member of the Bahraini royal family to a business event organised by Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce and the government export body UK Trade and Industry.

Tories behaving badly

Article published: Tuesday, October 4th 2011

Mancunians who are more reluctant to welcome the Tories to the city centre than the council may well be interested in what they’ve been getting up to since they swarmed out of Piccadilly on Sunday. From the looks of it, they’re hardly likely to have endeared themselves to anyone.